• Oval Cut See Shape.

The oval cut diamond is a popular diamond shape, frequently used in engagement rings. Similar to an elongated round diamond, they have a large surface area which makes them look larger than different diamond shapes of the same carat weight. Developed in the 1950’s, the oval cut typically has 58 facets and has been rising in popularity and demand since the 1990’s. While they do not have the same amount of brilliance as a round diamond, they do still have good sparkle. Do remember that the GIA does not provide cut grades from anything other than round diamonds.

Ovals are susceptible to bow-ties, a dark and bow shaped pattern in the stone. However, one of the advantages of oval cut diamonds is that they are less expensive than round diamonds and yet appear larger in size. Additionally, ovals hide imperfections well. Meaning that you can go for a lower clarity grade without compromising the look of the diamond.

Celebrities also have favored oval cut diamond engagement rings. Jennifer Aniston and Blake Lively have both been seen wearing oval diamond rings. Ovals are a good choice if you are looking for a classic yet elegant diamond but would like something a little more daring and unique than a round. If you are looking to make your oval diamond ring look even larger in size, a good idea is to opt for a halo setting. This is when the oval is surrounded by very small diamonds and create the illusion of a larger center stone.