• Make See Cut.
  • Marquise Cut See Shape.

The Marquise cut is a fancy diamond shape, supposedly named after the Marquise de Pompadour. The diamond is similar in shape to a boat and the story goes that King Louis XV of France had the shape designed to recreate the Marquise of Pompadour’s mouth. While this cut has the advantage of making the wearer’s finger look slender, it is a shape that is prone to damage. Symmetry is very important for marquise cut stones, as you want both sides to look identical. Far less popular than round shaped diamonds, the marquise has nonetheless proven itself popular among celebrities. Victoria Beckham and Catherine Zeta Jones both sport marquise cut diamond rings. The marquise was most in demand during the 1970’s, which now means that this shape has a relatively vintage feel to it.

  • Melee – small diamonds of less than 0.20 cts used in jewelry.

Melee can be used to frame a center stone (pavé setting) or used on its own. They add additional sparkle to jewelry and luxury watches. Melee tends to be inexpensive and are typically traded in parcels of similarly colored melee diamonds. One of the most common uses of melee diamonds is in a halo setting. This is when the main stone is surrounded by small diamonds, which makes the center stone appear much larger than it actually is. Melee are also frequently used on ring bands, both wedding bands and engagement rings. Some watches feature melee diamonds on the dial of the watch.