• Knot – a transparent crystal that extends to the surface of a diamond.

A knot will have an impact on the clarity grade of your diamond. The clarity grade refers to how flawed the stone is internally and externally. Blemishes are called inclusions. There is a wide variety of inclusions, one of which is the knot. Low clarity grades will lower the value of your stone, these range from IF (internally flawless) to I3 (included). To find out the clarity grade of your diamond, check any paperwork you may have.


  • Koh I Noor – arguably one of the most famous diamonds in the world

The Koh I Noor is a legendary diamond, of somewhat unknown origins. While legend and myth claim that the stone belonged to a series of rulers in India, what is known is that it was gifted by India to the British monarchy in the mid 1800’s. To this day, this is a disputed and controversial subject, with many in India now demanding that the British government return the stone. So far, the British government have not agreed to do so and the Koh I Noor still belongs Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Victoria was said to feel uneasy about owning the stone.

One of the most interesting parts of the history of the Koh I Noor, was the recut of the stone by Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband. Shortly after the British acquired the stone, Albert had the stone cut from 186 carats to just over 100 carats. It was shaped as an oval and the reason for the cut and dramatic weight loss was in order to improve the stone’s sparkle. Once again, this was a controversial decision at the time as many claimed that it should not be altered. The Koh I Noor has not been recut since.