• I1 and I2 – Included clarity grades (I1 and I2).

See Clarity.

  • IF – Internally flawless clarity grade (only very minor surface inclusions allowed).
  • IGI – International Gemological Institute.

A privately-owned gemological lab with offices in Antwerp, Dubai, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Mumbai, New York, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, and Toronto, among other cities. They provide diamond grading certificates that detail the characteristics and quality of the stone. 

  • Imperfection – A generic term used by non-gemologists for inclusions or blemishes.

The more imperfections in a stone, the lower the clarity grade. Imperfections detract from the visual appeal of the stone when eye visible, but always have a negative impact on price regardless of whether they are eye visible or not.

  • Inclusion – an internal clarity characteristic in a diamond

These include crystals, needles, pinpoints, clouds, graining, twinning wisp, laser drill holes. The more inclusions your diamond has, the lower the clarity grade and the lower the value, especially if laser drill holes are present. Inclusions can also extend into the diamond from the surface. These include bearded girdles, bruises, cavities, chips, feathers, indented naturals and knots.

  • Irradiated Diamond a diamond exposed to radiation to alter its color to a fancy color

This is accomplished using neutron or electron bombardment. While irradiating a diamond might improve the color, it is an enhancement technique and consequently, has a negative impact on value. The GIA will specify on a grading report if the diamond has been irradiated.