What secondhand diamonds do you buy?

We buy all diamonds, no matter the size, shape, color or clarity. Please bear in mind however that color enhanced or treated diamonds (laser drilled, fracture filled, etc.) carry little value relative to a natural diamond.


How much will you pay for my used diamond?

Call us on 646 758 0270 to discuss your diamond and one of our experts will give you a good sense of value over the telephone or go to our “Sell My Diamond Tool” for more information.


When will I get paid?

We will send you a check the same day an offer is accepted or we will wire the money straight into your bank account the same day.


How can I trust you?

This is exactly why we set up the Diamond Whisperer! We have met too many people over time that have been overcharged when purchasing diamonds and underpaid when selling. We deal with hundreds of different parties, most of whom FedEx their diamonds to us for evaluation. We have never had an incident where the diamond is lost (and you can rest assured that your diamonds are always insured). Nor have we had any complaints or issues with non-payment. We pay fair prices and pride ourselves on providing a transparent service. We are THE trusted diamond buyer.

But don’t just take our word for it- check out our testimonials for words from some of our past customers. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are members of the AGS, Jewelers Board of Trade, Jewelers Vigilance Committee and National Pawnbrokers Association.


Do you purchase jewelry?

Yes. We will pay you for not only the diamond but also the gold / platinum / silver.


What if I don’t know what kind of diamond I have?

If you have a grading certificate/appraisal or even the original receipt from the jeweler, it may contain some pertinent information. If not, you can use our Education section to research the carat weight, color, clarity (you’ll need a loupe (10x magnifier) for this though). Alternatively, send it or bring it in to us for review. For questions or to start the process, call us on 646 758 0270.


Will you take the diamond out of my ring?

To confirm the grade of the diamond, we normally need to remove the diamond from the ring. We will try to give you an initial valuation first, so that we know if it is worth taking the diamond out. Don’t worry, we will always ask you before doing this.


Do you sell diamonds?

Yes. If you are looking to sell a diamond to buy a new one, we will work with you on your ideal new diamond.


Can I Sell From Canada?

Diamond Whisperer buys diamonds, diamond jewelry and luxury watches from Canada. We use Brinks and FedEx Priority Overnight to ensure a fast and safe delivery of your items to our New York headquarters. There are 3 key differences to keep in mind when selling stones from Canada to Diamond Whisperer:

– When possible we ask that stones be sent loose for tax and import duty reasons.

– We have a minimum second-hand value threshold of $1,500 for items from Canada. Please contact us to ascertain whether your items meet this minimum.

– Diamonds must be certified by recognized international laboratories such as the GIA, IGI, HRD, EGL USA or AGS. Canadian customers selling a luxury watch must be in possession of its box and papers.


Who is Diamond Whisperer?

DiamondWhisperer.com is the consumer website of White Pine Trading LLC, a leading buyer of consumer-recycled diamonds. Find us at www.whitepinediamonds.com. We are proud members of the Jewelers Board of Trade and the Jewelers Vigilance Council. We buy tens of thousands of carats of diamonds each year. We treat every customer like our first, so don’t worry, we will spoil you like we spoil all of our customers- whether you are selling a 0.50 ct diamond or a 5 ct+.


Selling your diamond

We walk you through every step of our process:

  • Diamond valuation
  • How we ship diamonds
  • Diamonds insurance
  • So that you are comfortable in selling your used or second-hand diamonds


Diamond Whisperer is a member of the Jewelers Board of Trade, AGS, Jewelers Vigilance Committee and National Pawnbrokers Association. We buy tens of thousands of diamonds each year, work with Brinks Security to ensure the safety of your diamonds and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, so you're in safe hands.